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CITISPIRE STUDIO is world's first THRIVE creative community based on a romanticized notion that New York can be a creative village. CITISPIRE STUDIO offers a personal lens that enhances and informs our daily endeavors.  We provide an intimate and nurturing environment that kindles inspiration and fosters innovation.

Here accomplished musicians, artists, filmmakers, and designers not only inspire the world with their shows and exhibitions but also through talks, interdisciplinary project-based workshops and private lessons.


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Studio Shoot


We need inspiration every day throughout our entire lives. New perspectives motivate us to work with purpose, cultivate more meaningful relationships, reconsider the world, and refine our goals.


Few of us live in New York by chance, and for most of us the city is like an alter ego. In it we see ourselves. It is complex enough to accommodate all of our musings. It is a creative beacon, luring talent from around the world - promising a receptive environment to individual ambitions. But we also know the difficulties of just staying afloat. New York can grinds us down and extinguishes ambitions just before they crystallize. For this reason, many believe that only the best talents with true grit succeed. We believe this is a caustic myth that erodes the inherent joy and creative privileges of being a New Yorker.


We have spent our lives in conservatories playing and composing music


Where in the world is there a place that consistently Daily challenges the odds of staying inspired or reaching self realization become increasingly bleak


CITISPIRE STUDIO is a place in which ambitious minds kindle inspiration.


an environment that kindles inspiration the Making the grades, paying the bills, or just carving out some quality time challenges each of us to find time for inspiration.


It is like a fusion reactor fueling optimism through diverse views and interdisciplinary collaboration.



Artist residency

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Recording studio

Opportunities for artists

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